Batman: The Brave And The Bold

The Crimespree Bargain Bin looks at: Batman: The Brave And The Bold

In today’s world, is there any more potent combination than Twitter and Netflix? A casual mention of a TV show or movie that you may have missed the first time around can lead to hours, err… days, err… let’s face it, WEEKS of fanboy entertainment.
So it was, when mention was made on the Twitters of 2008’s BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD. I had seen exactly one episode during its original Cartoon Network run, and I was left pretty cold. B:BatB is told with a bit of a lighter touch than previous Batman cartoons. And this Bat-fan is way too cool for a “fun Batman.”
I’m also a bit of a dope.
Fast forward a few years, and I’m now a half dozen episodes in, and loving this show more than any other superhero cartoon since CHALLENGE OF THE SUPERFRIENDS. What makes the show work so well is the same formula that made the original Brave and the Bold comic book work: This is a Batman team-up vehicle. Where the JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED cartoon went with a gazillion superheroes, most of the lesser-known heroes were kept in the background, and each episode built towards a larger storyline.
B:BatB is Batman plus one (or sometimes two) guest star. And keeping with the Silver Age origins of the comic, the guest stars tend to be some of the lesser-known heroes from DC’s stable of heroes. As I write this now, I’m watching the “DAWN OF THE DEAD MAN!” episode, guest starring everyone’s favorite dead man Boston Brand as he helps Batman defeat the Gentleman Ghost. “I’m putting a stop to your after-life of crime!” Can I get a “hell, yeah!” from the back row?
One final word on the subject: in season two, Captain Marvel guest stars in “THE POWER OF SHAZAM!” For this longtime Captain Marvel fan, this episode was a treat. It is exceptionally well done, with little nods and asides to Shazam fans, like the scenes that take place at the Rock of Eternity. Also, the amount of time given to young Billy Batson could have been used to launch a Shazam spinoff… Just sayin’.
Anyway, for a cartoon from ’08 that lasted three seasons, BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD is the perfect all-ages gateway drug for anyone who likes a little Batman in their lives. Whether they’ve been Bat-fans for decades, or folks who like bright colors, explosions, and lots of action. (Hold up, both examples apply to me. Weird.)
Go to your local bargain bin . Add this to your queue. Watch and be happy.

Dan Malmon