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Be Immortalized In Greg Rucka’s New Atticus Kodiak Novel

Atticus Kodiak, Greg Rucka’s signature fiction hero is returning in the novel Patriot Acts to be published next year by Bantam. Rucka is offering a major role in the novel to the highest bidder in this week’s CBLDF eBay auction. The auction winner will be written into the book, and will receive a signed advance reading copy and hardcover first edition of the novel upon its publication.

Set three years after the events of Critical Space, Patriot Acts introduces us to a changed Atticus, who has transcended the personal security business to find himself in a world of even higher stakes. Rucka explains, “Patriot Acts is the much-anticipated return of Atticus
Kodiak, picking up three years after the events of Critical Space, and finds Atticus blackmailed into performing a ‘service for his country’ that isn’t quite what it appears at first glance.”

Rucka says that the auction winner will be an important role in the book. “The winner of the auction will have a major character in the novel named after them — this isn’t a one-page walk-on, walk-off, or an ‘I name a corpse after you’ gig, but rather a character who will
be critical to the plot and story of the novel. No guarantees if you’re a good guy, bad guy, or somewhere in between.

An outspoken advocate for free speech, Rucka has a long history of supporting the CBLDF. He’s auctioned off roles in his last two Queen & Country novels to support the Fund, raising nearly $5,000 through those initiatives alone. He has also participated as amicus for the CBLDF in the California Supreme Court case in re: George T, and is a fixture at Fund signings and events throughout the country.

Rucka describes his commitment to the Fund and the ideals it stands for: “Freedom of speech is truly the most precious right we have in this country, as well as one of our most essential and basic rights. All of us have the right to say our piece, and to do so without fear.
The moment someone–anyone–can dictate what we say and cannot say, what stories we can tell, or see, or read, and what stories we cannot, we lose more than our freedom; we lose the promise of our nation. The CBLDF has never backed down in its commitment
to this right. And I sleep a hell of a lot better at night knowing that the Fund is out there, unwavering in its dedication to let us all read what we want to read, and tell the stories we want to tell. An industry without the CBLDF scares me – it should scare us all. I am – and
always have been – very proud to join the Fund.”

The auction to win a role in Patriot Acts will go live at 2 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday October 12 and will close on Wednesday
October 19. To bid on this item, please visit