Best Comics You’ve Never Heard Of: Daytripper

It’s difficult to convince non-comic readers that comics are works of art. To them, they’re just “funny books” to appeal to the lower class. It’s impossible, they think, for a book to truly be able to evoke feeling and respect out an “actual” reader. To that, I present “Daytripper.”

This book is a work of true beauty. Created by brothers Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, they use their talents to tell the life of a rather simple man. Each issue tells an out-of-chronological-order time in the man’s life and ends with an ending. That might sound weirdly phrased but it’s true. The end of each issue should end the series. But Moon and Ba keep it going and the mystery of what is happening is a small link in the nature of the book. We learn so much about this man as his life is weaved for us. Everything that happens to him you care about. They’re able to make you care so much and you want the best for him. He’s a good man and deserves good things. Sometimes that happens and many times it does not.

Moon and Ba’s art on the series has a dreamlike quality that brings a level of euphoria while reading. Their art is so beautiful it’s hard to believe that you’re not imagining it. You can’t help but fall in love with pictures as well as the words. All images are carefully rendered to bring out the strongest emotion possible. The lovely moments, the tragic moments, the wondrous moments, the sad moments; they all derive from the art. Adding the narrative simple enhances the raw power the book holds.

“Daytripper” is one of those amazing books that has its strong following. I would gladly hand out my copy to anyone who was even slightly interested. And push that copy on anyone who thinks that comics are just comics.

Jo Schmidt