Best Comics You’ve Never Heard of: NEXTWAVE(!)

Something I often get asked (that’s a lie) is “What’s the coolest comic of all time?” And I, being a source of all knowledge of cool and comics in the world, (two whoppers of lies there) easily answer, “why it’s nearly impossible to say! But if I was to, it would be “NEXTWAVE!” (Not a lie)

See “NEXTWAVE”(!) is so cool that before the first issue was released there was an awesome theme song created! (Easily findable on the interwebs and the youtubes) And now the title cannot be uttered without shouting it (he’s right) Simply because “NEXTWAVE” (!) is way too cool not to be shouted about. Take five B-listers on their brightest, most ass-kicking day (that is not to be said they aren’t great characters created by wonderfully inventive creators that deserve the utmost respect and following, because they are all of that) throw them together with a S.H.I.E.L.D. eschewing spy group called H.A.T.E. lead by a mentally unbalanced man who might or might not want to kill himself in any over-the-top way possible and put them in bizarre, hilarious and fantastic situations that merit the smartest quips and wildest action scenes (with a special do-it-yourself color issue!) and you get “NEXTWAVE;” (!) the most ass-kickingest book possibly every definitely put out! (That was NOT a sentence. As he constantly reminds people, he has an English degree and that’s how he uses it. To make run-on sentences with horrible and questionable punctuation. He should be ashamed (AND he used ass-kicking twice in the same paragraph!))

There’s so much BAM! POW! shit that goes on in this book it’s impossible not to love it so much you want to have it’s babies. Warren Ellis is prolific in every form of the literary arts (including the deadly stextual arts. Mmm puns) and shines with layers upon layers of mind-blowing plots and sub-plots and easter eggs and sweet sweet comic love for everyone! LEST we forget the bril Stuart Immonen! (OMG IMMONEN! SO GUD U RITE N TXT FRM!) His pencils bring all those ASS-KICKING (there it is again, yikes) words to LIFE! They literally (figuratively) move in front of you. You don’t even need to turn the page his work is so animated! (and he lies again, though the art is gorgeous)

Just read it! Make the world a better place! “NEXTWAVE”(!) does make you a better person after reading it (that is true…) All the cool kids are doing it and you don’t want to be a weenie do you? (well, do you?) Read it now!