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A BETTER WORLD by Marcus Sakey

Marcus Sakey
Thomas & Mercer

Nick Cooper is a brilliant. While this has many connotations in the world, simply put it means that he and about one percent of the population can do things better than the average person. Some can see mathematics better than most and have advanced science by leaps and bounds. Some can read people better than others and have revolutionized psychology. Some, like the terrorist organization the Children of Darwin, simply seem bent on watching the world burn.
Following the events BRILLIANCE, former DAR agent Nick Cooper is enjoying a slower life with his children. He is an advisor to the president and seems to be helping to forge a new future for brilliants all across the country. However, when the Children of Darwin strike, America seems poised on the brink of a new civil war. It quickly becomes apparent that Nick is the only one who can avert the disaster that is all but inevitable at this point. However, with sinister motivations and devious plots on all sides, there is no one to trust and no one to believe.
Sakey is an absolute master of the suspense novel. With layers upon layers of complex plots, the book moves with the speed of a cheetah on cocaine. Beautifully crafted characters each playing their own games of spy craft give the novel the distinct flavor of a modern-day John Le Carre. Along with action scenes as enthralling as Lee Child or Robert Crais, and a main character so rich and original that he walks in both worlds effortlessly and perfectly it is one of the best books I have read this year. My singular complaint is that the cliff hanger ending is so amazingly wonderful, it will leave you salivating for the third in the series. However, with the first two being as fantastic as these have been, it is well worth the wait. With that said, HURRY UP AND WRITE, MARCUS!!!
-Bryan VanMeter