Big changes for Sallis’ DRIVE

Might the film of James Sallis’ novella DRIVE actually get made?

A comment by what appears to be the new director suggests it might be happening.

Empire has Nicolas Winding Refn (PUSHER trilogy, BRONSON, VALHALLA RISING) making the following comment:

“Hopefully next is a movie with Ryan Gosling at a studio in America. It’s called Drive, and it’s about a stuntman by day, a getaway driver by night.”

Drive originally was a short story in McMillan anthology Measures of Poison. Sallis later fleshed out the tale and turned it into a novella, which was published by Poison Pen Press.

Two years ago, Neil Marshall (The Descent) was attached to the project. Oddly enough, he was also on board to direct the SHERLOCK HOLMES film. So this makes two projects that have seen him depart.

Now Hugh Jackman’s Seed Productions had owned the rights to it. Whether they are still producing it, with Jackman no longer starring, is not known at this time.

Hat Tip to Ray Banks.