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Birds of Prey on DVD

Warner Brothers has released the TV series BIRDS OF PREY on DVD and it’s the complete series. Of course it’s only 13 episodes so it’s not really all that expensive.

The show lets you know from the beginning that we’re not in the regular DC universe as they call their home New Gotham. And while there are a lot of differences from regular comics to the show it’s fun. Most of the changes are fine and help the show, though some are just silly.

Here’s some problems I had.

No masks. Helena Kyle/Huntress runs all over the place and never hides her face. This causes some issues later in the episodes that could very easily been avoided. Wearing a mask is a superhero rule for a reason….

Barbara Gordon’s super wheelchair….. sigh…. silly

Why do these women need jobs? Other than a lame plot device to make up excuses to go fight crime it’s lame. Helena is a bartender, who I guess sets her own hours and Oracle is a school teacher.

Harley Quinn is a bit too over the top for the tone they try to set with the show.

Huntress is a meta human….

in one episode the handicapped oracle and Harley Quinn both jump over ten feet to another floor of the watchtower. silly for no reason.

Why is a handicapped woman wearing skin tight leather pants?

I could go on, but you get the point.

On the plus side.

They do seem to really respect the legacy of the comics. mentions of Tim Drake and Dick Grayson and Todd whatisname, you know the dead robin.

Some of the criminals are legacies, clayface’s son was fun.

Street signs with O’neil and Adams on them.

A great scene with Oracle workingout, she actually stays in shape which is inline and makes sense.

Over all the show is fun for fans of DC Comics and the fact that they have three strong lead women characters is great. Is the show great?

But it is a lot of fun.

Plus there are thirty episodes of the Gotham Girls animated on the discs.