BLACKLIST by Jerry Ludwig – great summer reading

Jerry Ludwig

I’ve always been fascinated by the way society reacted during the cold war. A big part of it included the witch hunt in Hollywood where it came down to rat someone out or be blacklisted as a commie. Emmy winning screenwriter Jerry Ludwig is using this as a backdrop for a wonderful novel.

With aspects of a thriller and also a prefect who dunnit I’d have to call this a novel of suspense and Ludwig creates a lot of suspense. Back in the day two men were brought in front of the HUAC, the committee looking for commies in Hollywood. One gave some info and names and went on to have a successful career. The other wouldn’t talk and fled the country. David Weber has returned to the US after his parents self imposed exile had him raised abroad and he heads to Hollywood to bury his Father. An agent with the FBI seems to think that it would be worth his time to keep an eye on David as he needs a big case. Jana Vardin’s Father while having a career that was noteworthy always felt horrible for what he had done. Seeing David again reminds her of a less cynical time in her life and causes some complications for her.
Before long bodies start to drop and it looks like Agent McKenna might get the case he was hoping for, all the victims have ties to the committee that ruined David’s father.
The tension in this book builds like a belt being drawn tighter and tighter. By the time I finished I found myself tensing as I read the last few pages. Ludwig really has a flair for keeping the pages turning. I can’t wait to see what he does next.
Jon Jordan