We at Crimespree Magazine are thrilled to present the cover reveal for Alex Segura’s next Pete Fernandez mystery, BLACKOUT. Readers have watched as Pete has battled with addiction and attempted to reinvent himself in his new life as a private investigator. But with BLACKOUT, he may be facing his greatest challenge yet.

From Alex, “BLACKOUT is a book about the dark side of obsession. Pete’s obsession with a cold case that’s haunted him throughout his life and drags him back to his hometown when there’s a chance to solve it, Miami’s obsession with a charismatic and dangerous cult leader and his even more menacing followers and one man’s obsession with wealth, fame and power. The three converge in the heart of the city and Pete is left scrambling to pick up the pieces. The Pete Fernandez Mysteries have always run on two tracks – the over-arching mystery that Pete and his friends, including his partner Kathy Bentley, have to scramble to solve, and the other following Pete’s journey of recovery from self-destructive alcoholic to somewhat functional private eye. In BLACKOUT, those two tracks blend into one dark, personal and deadly tale that will leave Pete completely changed. It’s all been building to this.”

BLACKOUT, published by Polis Books, hits bookstores on May 8, 2018!