Dave White


Polis Books

Writing an ongoing series can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, fans can be comforted by reading the continuing adventures of their favorite rough-and-tumble PI’s, or watching justice get served on the latest Dick Wolf television show. But chances are, you’re not going to see much in the way of character growth in these long running series. Many of the protagonists are frozen in time: young and virile enough to have a million more adventures, and self-contained enough for any airport traveler to pick up any of their novels regardless of the order that they came out in.

With BLIND TO SIN, author Dave White says, “Nope. That’s not how I’m going to do this.”

BLIND TO SIN is the fifth Jackson Donne novel, and to put it bluntly, Donne has been put through the ringer since his first novel WHEN ONE MAN DIES. A former dirty cop who then turned in the rest of his squad, Donne has spent the last handful of years tumbling through darkness as he has slowly tried to rebuild his life, only to have it pulled out from under him. As White put his signature character through all manner of horrible- and very entertaining- adventures, we were privy to seeing Donne grow and change as he struggled to adapt to the endless stream of horrors that were sent his way. Donne seemed to finally be at peace with his lot in life at the end of AN EMPTY HELL, when he voluntarily went to prison.

Now in BLIND TO SIN, someone has paid a lot of money to have Donne back on the outside. So how does a man who has spent the last handful of years dealing with the traumas of self-inflicted misery and crisis deal with the harsh light of life outside of prison walls? How does a former man of action stop gazing at his own navel and deal of the task at hand? That task at hand revolves around his only friend and prison mentor Kenneth Herrick. Kenneth is the estranged father of Donne’s sometimes-partner Matt Herrick, an honorable man who makes extra cash as a part-time PI and who’s real passion is high school basketball.

Matt’s father has been in prison for a long time. Prison is where bank robbers go. Whoever paid to have Herrick and Donne let out of prison early wants them to do just that: break into the biggest bank of all. The Federal Reserve. In BLIND TO SIN, Donne has to come to grips with just who he is: is he still an ex-cop/PI? After all of his soul-searing trama, after his time in prison, is he still a good man? Or is he a bad man who is just making decisions based on inertia? This is the book that fans of the Jackson Donne series have been waiting for.

Available digitally or at your favorite bookseller, BLIND TO SIN puts a strong cap on an exceptional series.


Dan Malmon