BLOOD ALWAYS TELLS by Hilary Davidson

BLOOD ALWAYS TELLS  bloodalwaystells

Hilary Davidson

April 2014



Dominique Monaghan just wants to exact a little revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend Gary—well, revenge and maybe a little blackmail.  She meets him for a weekend escape, intent on getting a little confession from him on recording, but isn’t prepared for the two masked gunmen to burst in on them.  Dominique and Gary are bundled off to a house in the middle of nowhere, victims of a kidnapping scheme…or are they?  Dominique fears she is the victim of a much larger plot, and manages to make a call to her brother Desmond, an ex-Army chopper pilot who rushes in to the rescue.  But Desmond must untangle a web of lies and conspiracies involving family secrets, vast fortunes and illegal drugs in order to get to the truth of what really happened to his sister—all while keeping his own secrets safely buried.


BLOOD ALWAYS TELLS is a stand-alone novel from Davidson, the author of the Lily Moore mystery series, and I believe this is her finest work to date.  The devilishly good plot twists will keep you guessing—just when you think you’ve got it worked out, Davidson zings you from another direction. The pacing is wonderful and it is in no way sacrificed for the beautiful description—here they work together instead of duking it out on the page. Davidson’s characters are engaging and well-drawn; Desmond is an especially intriguing character–he’s driven by forces in the novel, certainly, but he is also intrinsically motivated in some part by his own tortured past and the secrets he is fighting to keep hidden.


BLOOD ALWAYS TELLS plays with themes of vengeance, family secrets, tragedies and the lengths one will go to for family.  But in the end it is also about redemption.  A fabulous read.

Erica Ruth Neubauer