BLOODY ROYAL PRINTS by Reba White Williams Reviewed

Reba White Williams
Tyrus Books

If you’ve ever been book shopping you know that while looking across shelves or piles of books there are different things that make a book jump out for you. While looking through our stacks for what to review next I stopped at BLOODY ROYAL PRINTS. What a cool title is what I was thinking as I pulled it out. Then I looked at the cover and was more intrigued. After reading the jacket flap I was hooked.

Dinah Greene has taken a fellowship at the Art Museum of Great Britain, what should be a dream job. She didn’t count on her husband being so busy and she finds herself looking to make some new friends to fill her time. Through a new friend Rachel she meets a member of the Royal Family. It’s here where the fun starts.

The Royals have a history of enjoying art and also making art, Dinah was no exception. However someone has stolen some etchings that she has done and the art is a bit too risqué to be seen by the public, enough so that it could cause a scandal. Soon Dinah finds herself caught up in the case as her friend is suspected of wrong doing. Joined by her cousin from the US Coleman, they hunt for the people who did the deed and in doing so find on going issues that have been around for a long time that may have led to this happening.

Reba White Williams has a wonderfully fresh voice and her characters immediately feel like old friends. She builds the plot with precise pacing and this makes for a very hard-to-stop-reading book. I thoroughly enjoyed this and can’t wait to spend more time with Dinah Greene.

Jon Jordan