BONEKICKERS – The Complete Series

Acorn Media
Release date: October 10th, 2011
MSRP: $39.99

This release of Bonekickers is a few years after the show got cancelled. Julie Graham stars as Dr. Gillian Magwilde, an archeologist who heads up a team at a university. Very quickly we discover that all the digs they go to seem to have something in common, they each have ties to Excaliber the sword used by King Arthur. Episode by episode we get a bit more backstory and as it’s revealed it becomes more interesting. Magwilde’s mother was also obsessed and it cost her dearly. The each case is solved by a combination of forensics and knowledge of history plus a dash of action.

Lots of outdoor shots give it a big budget feel, it was shot in Bath which is beautiful. I also really liked all the actors, in particular Adrian Lester who I loved in HUSTLE. Graham comes on a bit strong and I wonder if that may have hurt the show. I think it works and is completely within character.

It’s a fun series and watching the historical aspects really fills out the stories in present time. It’s a nice way to kill almost 6 hours. I’m disappointed there is no more, but I do plan to watch the series again.