Blu-ray Review: FRINGE: The Complete Third Season

Warner Home Video
Release date: Sept 6th, 2011
MSRP: $69.99 Blu-ray, $59.99 DVD

When FRINGE first began, I had fears they would not be able to maintain the high level of quality, that they would lose their way, like THE X-FILES. But I am happy to say that that is not the case. Season three of FRINGE found the show getting more complex and digging deeper into the souls of the characters.

For those that have been following the series, a chunk of season three takes place in the alternate world. Many of the same characters exist there, they just have very different lives and roles. When things start out, Olivia is trapped in the Alternate NYC and is a prisoner of the Fringe division. Fauxlivia is over here and spying on folks. she is also developing a relationship with the unsuspecting Peter.

The season slowly builds towards a conclusion in which, we are told, only one universe can survive. Walter is dealing with those actions of decades ago, the night in which he jumped over to the other side to save that world’s Peter after his own had died. But he ended up kidnapping Peter and raising him as his own. Now not only does Peter know, he has met his real father and mother. In addition to that, this world is starting to suffer from many of the same catastrophes that have been plaguing the other side for years.

John Noble is, as always, incredible as Walter. It is asinine that he has not at least been nominated for an Emmy. Truth be told, I can’t think of anyone more worthy of one. That said Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv are both given ample material and do quite well with it. Season three has an ending that leaves you hanging a bit, but also works. I was shocked, but did not feel cheated.

FRINGE is, in my opinion, one of the best shows on television today and likely is THE BEST on network television. This is a Science Fiction show that transcends the genre and may well go down in history as the best of Sci-fi TV.

Jeremy Lynch