Blu-ray Review: JUSTIFIED The Complete Second Season

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Release date: Jan 03, 2012
MSRP: $55.99

Season one saw U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens finish off the Crowder family’s hold on Harlan county but that doesn’t mean ol’ Raylan is going to have it easy. A new crime boss in the form of Mags Bennett is looking to take control of the county with her two not so bright boys. Seeing a gap in things she decides to look into expanding what was just a marijuana business into a real criminal empire. And her sons are happy to help her do it. While this is going on Boyd Crowder is trying to find his place in the world and find peace, though this is no easy task and will take him on a very twisted path. Walter Goggins is amazing in the role and I really think he should get an Emmy for it.

As good as Season 1 is I liked Season 2 even more and I think we see some real depth to all the characters being added. It also becomes clear that Raylan is never going to be a company man within the Marshalls, and his boss Chief Deputy Mullin kind of resigns himself to the fact that he can only sit back and watch Raylan do what he does. Part of “what he does” in season 2 is get back with his ex wife, which provides a bunch of fun sub plots.

I love this show and season 2 really proves that it has legs. If only regular network TV could do programming like this maybe they wouldn’t be wasting our time with all the reality programs they run.

Jon Jordan