Lionsgate Entertainment
Release date: April 3rd, 2012
MSRP: $14.99
I love Madonna. Huge fan. “Truth or Dare” is as close as I’m every going to afford to seeing the Material Girl in concert, and it’s spectacular. Obviously, quite a bit has happened to her and the world since it’s release in 1991 but the film is still as poignant and interesting as it was then. Only now, there’s an added layer of know what comes after the film and seeing how much has changed, and how much as stayed the same.

If you’ve never seen it, the film follows her on her Blonde Ambition tour. This is “Vogue” and “Like A Prayer” era. Arguably her biggest and best works. You can tell superstardom was her destiny. She radiates power with every word. We learn about her and how she ticks. We meet some of her family and her friends. And we discover she is pretty much exactly how you think she would be. She’s a controlling bitch. She’s crazy, cares deeply about those around her and will do anything to protect them. But the fact she’s a bitch is how she needs to be. She needs to be this woman to keep control of her life, make sure it runs the way it is supposed to. What you get from it is understanding. You understand her and how she is because of this movie. It does open her up for us all to see.

Honestly, this seemed like one of those movies that didn’t need a blu-ray transfer. How many films that no one cares about get this upgrade only to be ignored? For “Truth or Dare” that assumption is completely wrong, in Blu-ray the documentary shines. Those in charge of elevation of this movie took great care in it. The grainy look of much of the film is kept but made crisper, adding a new realistic layer. You get to see all of Madonna and you believe this is who she is. What really makes this version worth it is the absolutely gorgeous is the stunning, crisp, high-quality scenes of her concert. They jump off the screen and pull you in to the best seat in the house. The sound is big and noticeably not lip-synched. You can hear her breathe and push her voice when she dances. Beyond impressive is the picture. I never thought a documentary made in 1991 would be exactly what Blu-ray was made for but “Truth or Dare” is. Every concert scene is enhanced by the stunning picture. Concert films have never been overly exciting but this one just makes you stare and its power and beauty. The Blu-ray gets your attention whereas Madonna keeps it.

Amazingly, the film holds up and after watching it, you wonder what has changed from then to today. I’d love to see a follow up, but doubt she could let someone behind the curtain again, unless she was controlling that too. So, for now, we rewatch “Truth or Dare” and revel in the incredible nature that is her.

Jo Schmidt