BLUES HIGHWAY BLUES by Eyre Price – book review

Eyre Price
Release date: June 26th, 2012
Thomas & Mercer

Daniel Erickson has always been a lucky man.  As a music promoter, he had stumbled on to some of the greatest acts of the day.  But after getting in far too deep with the Russian mob, his luck finally runs out.  When he reaches inside his safe to pay off the mobsters, he finds nothing but a CD.  Following the clues left in the song, he is soon on a cross country chase to find his money before they put a bullet in him.

Price’s love of music screams off of every page.  As the main character travels across the US hunting his cash, we are given a tour of the history of blues and rock and roll.  Everyone from Elvis to B. B. King gets a bit of time as Erickson hunts for his missing million.  For the uninitiated, it is a beginner’s guide to what made the genres so grand.  For the in-the-know, it is a look at the flow of music as it migrated and evolved around the country.

Steeped in musical lore, this book is non-stop, over the top action.  In various parts of the book, Erickson is hung from a Vegas balcony, running through a riot in New Orleans, and dodging bullets from friends and foes alike in Chicago.  Bullets fly, people die, and Daniel keeps running for his life.  Each of the clues is buried in the lyrics of a song, which can be a bit distracting as we can’t hear them, only read them.  However, with a pace that often leaves you breathless, it is easily forgiven.  Laced with dark humor and musical history, this is a fun, exciting read for anyone who loves the soul-filled sounds of the blues.   -Bryan VanMeter


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This review ran in issue 48 of Crimespree Magazine