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BONES Season Ten

BONES Season 10

Bones10Ten seasons in and Bones is still a really fun show. Things have changed a lot in 10 years and so it’s no surprise that to shake things up and keep the viewer intrigued, big things need to happen. After ten seasons, that gets harder to do.

The season opens with Sealy Booth in prison and the gang of squints trying to get him out with the help of their pals at the Justice Department and Agent Sweets at the FBI. Of course, Booth does get out but it costs a team member to do it. As the show rolls back its pace, Booth is working with a new Agent named Aubrey who I find to be a nice addition. He loves to eat and is doing so a lot. He’s also is a bit of a smart ass, which I also like. My favorite episode involved Temperance being told by her publisher to get on Twitter. Hilarity ensues.

Some nice surprises come along and an old case rears its head once again. At this point in the show it really is about the characters and how they interact; they make a point of referring to each other as family and at this point they are. While the show has kind of settled into a comfortable routine like a couple that’s been married a while it is still a lot of fun and I plan to keep watching as long as it’s on the air.