BOSCH: Amazon orders second season

Mere days after the first season debuted, Amazon announced they were going ahead with a second season of BOSCH.

The series, which is based on the novels of Michael Connelly, set debut records for Amazon Prime and has received positive reviews.

Connelly, an executive producer, was excited by the news and released a statement via his site: “It’s an exciting day because it’s now official that we get to do it again. Harry Bosch will ride again on screen and I am extremely excited with our plans for the next ten chapters. But before we move forward and get to work I have to look back and say thanks for the immense support of all the fans of the book who also became fans and supporters of the show. You readers are the base and this show would not have this kind of success without you. Our goal is not to forget that and to make sure the next season and any that come after are loyal to Harry and the city of Los Angeles and the world of the books. If we do that then we are being loyal to you. Thank you very much!”

According to Connelly, the second season will draw from mainly from the 1997 novel TRUNK MUSIC with elements from THE DROP and THE LAST COYOTE and should debut in 2016. Harry will investigate the murder of a Hollywood producer who laundered money for the mob. He will also pursue serial killer Chilton Hardy and the investigations take Bosch from the Hollywood Hills down through the gritty back streets of L.A. and Las Vegas, threatening those closest to him—his teenage daughter and ex-wife.

Returning cast members will include Titus Welliver (Harry Bosch), Jamie Hector (Jerry Edgar), Amy Aquino (Lt. Grace Billets), Lance Reddick (Irvin Irving) and Sarah Clarke (Eleanor Wish)