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Boston Legal will return for a fifth, and final, season

Boston Legal will be returning for a fifth season, but it will be a shortened one, consisting of 13 episodes

Its return was part of a deal between creator David Kelly and ABC. Kelly owns the rights to Life on Mars, a new series that is based on an exceptional British one. Kelly is leaving the series, but ABC had to complete a deal to retain the show even with Kelly leaving. Kelly insisted that BL be given a final season so as to allow Denny, Alan and company time for a proper send-off.

In addition to the season being shortened, the fee that ABC pays will also be reduced. This will almost certainly result in some personnel changes, as new deals will need to be negotiated with the cast. A reduction in cast size would not be out of the question.

Every season that Boston Legal has been on has seen folks come and go. As a result, the show constantly has to work on cast chemistry, both on camera and off.

The first couple of seasons of BL were amazing, but the quality, in my opinion, has tapered off over the last couple of seasons.

Still, I will certainly tune in to the final season to watch Alan and Denny share their final scotch and cigars on the terrace.