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Bouchercon as an ongoing event

Every year mystery fans gather at conventions and conferences. Bouchercon is clearly the BIG SHOW.

When you attend you become a “member” for one year. This basically means you get to nominate for the following year’s anthony awards. But it’s also meant to make you feel like a part of the whole. Part of that is also making you aware of how the money is spent.

The previous post shows exectly where the money went for the Toronto convention. While Vegas still has not shown any finances, and Chicago may not, count on Madison and Baltimore to show them. You pay to go to the convention and as a member of Bouchercon you are entitled to know about the money end of things. Al Navis has nothing to hide and sent his out to the world.

I think what this shows is that it is possible to host one and put on a hell of a show. 2009 is still open people!