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Box Office Boffo

They’re afraid in Hollywood. Should they be? Okay first let’s look at the “Box-Office down for 16 straight weeks.”

Passion Of The Christ- I haven’t seen this movie and I’m actually a Jim C. fan. I loved Thin Red Line, Frequency, and even the flick with Ashley Judd. I’m just not a fan of fantastical Catholicism. I say this as a woman who wore lace gloves and scarves pre Vatican II. My father was an altar boy until I was two. And like many I rejoiced last year when the buzz seemed to be more about Starsky and Hutch than Passion.

So last year there wasn’t only a huge section of society reacting to the religious right by seeing the movie there was also a sect that said … anything but. Exaggerated movie sales. And weren’t we all ready for Harry and Peter Parker?

The truth is a movie is now a forty dollar date. When I was sixteen (a long time ago) a movie was$2.75. So a date with pizza averaged $15.00. We were making $3.50 an hour without tips then. Now a movie date without the pizza after averages about$30.00 and if you need a sitter forget-about-it. Minimum wage is up to $5.75 though . Whoo!

You can rent a movie and see it at home for about five-fifty. With beverages and popcorn.

And Hollywood is making money. Don’t let them boo-hooyou. Just now video games and DVD’s are starting to be accounted for. The “free money” is gone. But Hollywood is taking more than it gives. They expect us to go for bad pictures on a title or an actor’s name and we as a public aren’t going there anymore. If we spend this money we must be entertained and the rate of inflation? That’s what the studios should be looking at. Because in many ways these numbers don’t add up. Will Ferrell? Come on, I see him every dayin real life and I’m not happy about it.

Ruth Jordan, reporting from beautiful downtown Milwaukee