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Brand new comic THE CHAIR

So I received an e-mail this weekend from Jon. He asked if I would be interested in reviewing a new graphic novel from Alterna comics. Naturally I jumped at the chance to be the first to review something this new.

This crime fiction comic centers around Richard Sullivan who has been convicted of murder and now sits on death row. Over 10 years have past and he still claims he’s innocent. What’s even worse is that the prison guards have been torturing the inmates to death. I don’t want to give anymore away.

This one is really dark. However, I thought the writing of Peter Simeti really shows what could be going on in the mind of a true pychopath. The artwork of Kevin Christenson works very well with the text, which in itself helps tell of the horror that arrises in a prison. All done in grayshade and black, the images almost burn themselves into your brain.

Alterna comics has really hit the jackpot with this mature comic. This is a new graphic novel from a newer company. Also, they have quite afew digital comics available online. I for one will be sure to keep an eye out for this to hit the selves and pick these up. Also if the other comics are as good as this is I will be sure to pick those up as well.

The Chair should be in stores and available 8/27/2008
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