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Branding – Book Covers

As both a reader and a person who knows industry professionals, I hear the term branding used a lot. Branding is an important tool when marketing both books and an author. It’s part of the reason that when you hear the name David Morrell or Clive Cussler you immediately think of thrillers. There are a lot of aspects of branding but what I want to touch on is the books themselves and in particular the way they look.

Walking into a bookstore or viewing books online, covers play a big part. As a reader, I have always loved looking to my shelves and being able to spot a specific author’s books just by the look. It gives them a sense of continuity. I also believe that it makes it easier to find them when you are shopping for books. Of course, a similar look isn’t enough. They need to be good looking covers as well.

Soho Crime has done this for years and it is still reflected in their trade editions. Wonderful photos on the front and a similar look to all the spines with each author getting a different color. It works, you can spot Soho books from across the room. It’s even prevalent in the comics industry. DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse and others all have a certain look on the spine of the books so they can be spotted from across the store. It’s important because a lot of people do shop by brands. I like a lot of comics but have always favored DC.

I thought I would toss out a few examples of some book cover branding that I think really works. There are many more of course, these are the ones I spotted first when I pulled out my camera.

F Paul Wilson’s Repairman Jack series from Tor Forge

George Chesbro’s books as published by Mysterious Press. Great looking and GREAT reading

Of course Hard Case Crime, a wonderful similar look and great covers.

Loren D Estleman’s books, again Tor Forge

S.W.Lauden’s from Down and Out designed by J.T. Lindroos. Great looking books and the cover when put together form a larger picture.

The great series by Kat Richardson, great look on spines and covers.