Bret Easton Ellis to adapt Jason Starr.


Bret Easton Ellis is going to adapt Jason Starr’s The Follower for HBO, according to Variety.

In New York City’s work hard, play harder singles scene, a young woman looking for love can find herself the object of a deadly obsession. With each meaningless date and disappointing new boyfriend, Katie Porter is becoming more and more disillusioned. No matter how wide a net she casts she can’t seem to find a guy who really understands her. But someone thinks she’s special – very special. And he’s following her… But it’s not her boyfriend, Andy. The frat-boy who never grew up is too busy working out how far Katie will go and if her friends are hot, to stop and think whether Katie’s ‘the one’. But someone’s already decided she is – and he’s watching her.

Peter sees Katie at the gym. He sees her at the coffee bar she stops at on the way to work. In fact, he sees her almost everywhere, as he quietly follows her. But most of all, he sees her in his plans for the future. He’s got the proposal worked out, he’s even got the ring and their happy home already bought. After all, he’s had enough time to plan things to perfection – he grew up in the same small town. Surely, after all these years, he can’t let anything stand in his way.

I am not entirely sure the show will stick to the novel entirely, here is the description in Variety:

The drama is described as a dark social satire chronicling the dating lives of a group of twentysomething New Yorkers as seen through the eyes of a stalker.

Obviously things have to change to make it a series rather than a one-off, it will be interesting to see how the two compare in the end.

Very cool news, Jason is a good writer and all-around good guy.