Brewer’s Lonely Street delayed until 2008.

It looks like Bubba Mabry will have to wait a little longer before making his big screen debut.

Lonely Street, based on the novel by Steve Brewer, has been delayed until 2008.

In a conversation with Steve, I found out that it will likely not be released until 2008. They have just wrapped up the soundtrack.

I have only seen a little of the film, but the one scene I did see was great. I have always found Jay Mohr (Jerry MaGuire, Ghost Whisperer) to be a likeable guy and it is his charming demeanor that makes him a great fit in the role of Bubba. Robert Patrick was amazing as…well you will have to see.

Bubba is a likeable, but gullible, Private Investigator. He is hired by a reclusive celebrity to spy on a reporter. When the reporter turns up dead, Bubba is the prime suspect.

Lonely Street also stars Tony-winner Joe Mantenga, who is replacing Mandy Patinkin on the CBS show Criminal Minds, as well as Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters) and Paul Rodreguiz.

The director is Peter Ettinger. Peter has previously worked as an assistant editor on such films as The Bourne Identity, The Fast and the Furious and Flushed Away.

For those of you that are not familiar with the works of Brewer (Shame on you), he writes mysteries that contain an enjoyable blend of crime and hunor. The characters tend to be colorful (i.e. weird).

I shall post any additional info that comes my way.