Brian Azzarello at Crimespree Booth – Chicago Comic Con

Brian Azzarello is one of those writers. I think you know what I mean. One of those guys who you read one or two things by them and you know that from that point on you’ll love anything with their name on it. It doesn’t happen nearly often enough, but there are people out there writing that you need to own everything they do because you know you will love it. Brian Azzarello is one of those guys. Just like I know that if music is made by Joe Jackson I will love it, if it says Azzarello I will read it and reread it and tell everyone else to read it.

Over the years he’s amassed a solid body of work. The new FIRST WAVE is loads of fun and shows a love of pulp. FILTHY RICH was a great walk down noir streets by someone who knows what noir is. ( Otto Penzler: Noir is about losers, not Private Eyes) . He took ownership of Crime Fiction with 100 BULLETS (along with a few Eisners), His homage to westerns, both EL DIABLO and LOVELESS were ground breaking.He even had a roll with some forgotten characters in DR.THIRTEEN. JOHNNY DOUBLE is PI fiction the way Chandler meant it to be.
I could go on, but I think you get my point.

Brian is also one of those guys who seems to absorb everything going on around him. If he appears to be less talkative it’s because he’s watching, taking it all in. And more than likely filing it away for a future tale that needs just that right something.
And while we know and love Azz because of the comics that’s not the only thing to talk to him about. He’s a HUGE fan of the CUBS, he like really good beer and is a music encyclopedia.

Our favorite thing about Brian? He’s one of those guys. One of those rare guys that has no bullshit. He tells it like he sees it. No sugar coating but 100% honest. We’d vote him into office, but he’d never want it. 

So if you, like us, are a fan of Azzarello come by and say hello, get some books signed and ask him what he’s read lately.  If you haven’t read him yet you really need to.

BRIAN AZZARELLO will be signing at the Crimespree booth (#135) 
Friday at 6:00 pm
Saturday at 2:00 pm