Broadchurch Season 3 DVD Review

Momentum Pictures

I’m a big fan of British crime dramas and David Tennant so I of course have been keeping up with Broadchurch. Season one was really good with a great mystery to be solved. Season two was good but I thought spent a little too much time in court dwelling on events of season one. Season three has our detectives both working together again in Broadchurch on a new case. This time out they are dealing with a rape case and its impact on the community is heavier than it might be in a bigger place. The case itself in fascinating to watch and is very clever in it’s revealing episode to episode. Nice twists and well-timed revelations make it feel like the way this would play out in the real world. I also like the way it is sensitive to the victim. Main story well done.
Another aspect of this season is of course the characters we’ve come to know and how they have progressed. Each of the detectives is dealing with the joys of parenthood involving teenagers. Our local priest is loosing faith in what he does, the parents of the victim in the first season are dealing with the aftermath in very different ways. The small time paper is experiencing what a lot of papers are dealing with as they get bought out by larger media groups.
The show is in many ways a very good reflection of our times and the things people deal with in our society and how they deal with them. The show keeps the focus on the case being worked and that is after all the main reason to tune in. The last episode wraps things up nicely and on an almost happy note. This would be a good way for the show to end, however it does leave it open fore more. If you enjoyed Season one you will be quite happy with season three.