BROKEN TRUST by Shannon Baker

Shannon Baker
Midnight Ink

The title is a double entendre as the heroine, Nora Abbott, works for an environmental non-profit Trust. Actually, she’s just started the job, left vacant when the former finance director was murdered by a few shots in the back. Set in Boulder, Colorado, one of the villains, Sylvia LaFever, is working on a climate control machine (which exists in reality) to get rid of a fast-multiplying and devastating beetle. But Sylvia is going to use it for another purpose, however, we don’t know what it is, nor does anyone else except her rich lover. She is arrested for the murder of Darla because Sylvia owns the gun that killed her. Later, she is released, but is still under suspicion. The reader isn’t sure if she did kill Darla or not.
Some chapters are in Sylvia’s POV and the rest in Nora’s. Nora finds irregularities and has to tell the Board that their financial picture is not as rosy as Darla had presented. Who is at fault—Darla or Sylvia? Because a bulk of the funds are going to Sylvia’s project.

Part of the story is about Nora’s conflict with her mother who is coming to stay with her and is trying to mate her with Cole. Nora wants no part of this and asks only to be alone without her mother running her life.

Other nefarious characters include the father of a Board member, Sylvia’s assistant, Petal, and the Director of the Trust, whose father is on the Board. Interesting story with a surprise ending.

Gay Toltl Kinman