Brothers Bloom signs another Oscar winner, plus nominee.

Oscar winner Adrian Brody (the Pianist),nominee Rinko Kikuchi (Babel) sign on for Rian Johnson’s Sophmore effort.

Anyone that knows me knows how much I loved Rian Johnson’s Brick. It was my favorite film of 2006. By the way, if you have not bought it, do so now! I don’t see how one can consider one’s self to be a fan noir or hardboiled entertainment and not own it.

Ok, I am getting off track.

Rian Johnson is working on a new film entitled The Brothers Bloom. Inspired by the book The Big Con (Which also inspired The Sting), The Brothers Bloom will be Johnson’s take on the Con man film. It will be an international film, with filming taking place in twelve countries.

TBB is about a couple of brothers that are con men. They decide to call it quits after one more con, but their target proves to be no easy mark and turns the tables on them.

In Crimespree magazine, I had previously mentioned that Academy Award winner Rachael Weis (The Constant Gardner, The Mummy) had signed on to play a millionaire that is the the would be target of the Brothers Bloom.

Now Oscar-winner Adrian Brody (The Pianist, Hollywoodland) has signed on to play the younger of the brothers. Also attached is Rinko Kikuchi, who is up for an Oscar for her supporting role in Babel. Rinko will play the accomplice to the brothers.

Rather than sign with a Hollywood studio, Johnson has chosen to once again go the indie route. He has recently secured financing for a budget of around $20 million. Filming is scheduled to begin in March, with a release in 2008.