BRUCE NOIR in Asbury Park

Wallace Stroby and Dennis Tofoya  are taking part in a fairly cool event: BRUCE NOIR.

Friday and Saturday, in Asbury Park, The Showroom Cinema will host the event which look atn the noir genre and its influence on Bruce Springsteen’s life and work. Springsteen himself has said that film noir has had an impact on his work.

According to Wallace, each of these films have been mentioned by Springsteen at one point or another. Wallace and Dennis previously screen the 1945 film DETOUR. The event went well enough that the pair looked to do something bigger. Wallace is not just extraordinarily knowledgeable about films, but also a huge Springsteen fan so this seemed like a sensible choice.

Here is the schedule:

FRIDAY: AUGUST 23; 7:30P – 11:00P

Introduction with Wallace Stroby and Dennis Tafoya – a discussion of the noir film genre. What makes this genre so interesting to writers – and songwriters – and how it influenced Springsteen.

Screening of the movie: GUN CRAZY, with a post-film discussion of its importance on Springsteen influence.

A SKYPE INTERVIEW with Peter Ames Carlin, author of BRUCE. An in-depth discussion of the economic/social/class themes in Bruce’s most noir-like songs. And some background of how the Springsteen family history/Bruce’s childhood played out like a noir movie.


1:00P Screening of the movie: BADLANDS, with post-film discussion.

4:00P Screening of the movie: OUT OF THE PAST

Post-film discussion and demonstration entitled THE PRICE YOU PAY: an examination of how the intersection of classic film noir and the lyrics of Bruce Springteen have influenced the ongoing series of photographs entitled “Jersey Noir” with photographer Mark Krajnak.

The Price You Pay examines how the intersection of classic film noir and the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen have shaped and influenced my ongoing series of photographs called Jersey Noir.  Incorporating film noir themes and lighting techniques and also key Springsteen lyrics, these images illustrate a man living on the outside, looking for salvation, redemption, personal transformation, but always just trying to hang on to the end of his rope… while lighting another Lucky Strike.

7:30P Screening of the movie: ATLANTIC CITY, with post-film discussion.

9:30P Screening of the movie: THUNDER ROAD

Folks in the area should check it out, there are some damn good films here and the discussion should be fascinating. Dennis and Wallace are both great guys and this sounds like a blast.