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Bryan Singer gears up to remake ANOTHER movie

Bryan Singer has just been attached to a remake of Excaliber.
Variety article here
Good God Almighty!

Stop! Stop with the remakes. The original Excaliber is a great movie and I really don’t see Singer being able to bring anything to it to make it better.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Bryan Singer needs to find original material. Stop remaking and re imagining things. Leave the nostalgia on your DVD shelves at home and look for something NEW to work on. Stay away from Battlestar, leave Excaliber alone.

And for future reference, we don’t need you doing a Brisco County Movie, No ER film, and Die Hard is left well alone thank you.

Singer’s not a bad director, I liked X-Men one, Valkyrie had some moments, though it was too long. But his Superman was rubbish. The script was terrible and it seemed like was was just writing a love letter to earlier movies with his directing of Superman Returns.

I understand loving old movies and TV shows, I have many and watch them often, but that doesn’t mean we need them remade.