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Bryan Singer to make Battlestar Galactica movie

Dear Mr. Singer,

Please do not touch Battlestar Galactica. What could you possibly hope to bring to this that would even touch the wonderful series that just ended? I mean seriously, do you think anyone is going to see a movie you do about Battlestar and NOT compare it to this amazing TV show?

Your superman movie was quite bad, and while not all your fault, a lot of it was your fault. The story was absurd and redundant and derivative of the earlier movies, without the sense of fun.
Valkyrie was about an hour too long, and frankly pretty dull.

So please, leave space to the experts and find something original to work on. Nostalgic feelings for something you loved when you were younger are all well and good, this doesn’t mean you should try and put your stamp on it.

respectfully yours,
a paying customer