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Bubba Nosfertatu may have found it’s king.

Ain’t It Cool.com recently gave hope to many a cult movie fan.

Paul Giamatti (John Adams, Sideways) told the site that Bubba Nosferatu may have found it’s king: Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Beauty and the Beast) is interested in playing Elvis.

BN, the planned prequel of 2002’s Bubba Ho-tep, sees the king battle a coven of vampires while on location for one of his films.

While the first was based on a Jon Lansdale short story, Bubba Nosferatu would be a completely original tale.

Some time ago, Paul Giamatti agreed to play Col. Tom Parker, longtime manager of The King, the project was held up by Bruce Campbell’s lack of interest in reprising his role as Mr. Presley.

I am more than a little giddy at hearing this.

BN is supposed to take place years (decades, really) before Ho-tep. Knowing that, I don’t have much of an issue with the fairly buff Perlman stepping into Campbell’s shoes. It would have been great to have the return of The Chin, but things happen.

Ever since hearing PG’s name attached to this, I have had no problem envisioning him playing the Col. Giamatti has already shown his love for cheese and camp, with his killer performance in 2007’s Shoot Em Up. His character was as foul as one could imagine, with Paul playing it with the same level of intensity he might have given Shakespeare.

Hat Tip to Bill Crider for pointing this out.