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Buddy Guy making music in Burke’s In the Electric Mist.

This is from James Lee Burke’s web site:

Associate Producer Deborah Dobson Bach:
Looking back, I wanted to let you all know about the birthday party we filmed for the fictional director in our script, Michael Goldman (the writer/director John Sayles). We shot at Albania Plantation and yes, it rained like crazy, so the band moved up to the porch and we carried on. The legendary Buddy Guy plays Hogman Patin, the zydeco/bluesman who has info on two murders that Dave is investigating. The Louisiana born, guitar-master Mr. Guy was intrigued with this opportunity to finally play in a band with an accordion. We recruited Nathan Williams & The Zydeco Cha Chas to round out Hogman’s Band with great results. Together they gave us zydeco versions of Mr. Guy’s “Stone Crazy” (very appropriate right before Dave’s drink is doctored at the party) and “Damn Right, I Got the Blues,” as well as an original “Birthday Song” that Mr. Guy wrote for the film. We also recorded Mr. Guy playing along with the band on Nathan’s waltz, “You Don’t Love Me No More.” When dancing wasn’t enough, John Goodman (Baby Feet Balboni) was moved to jump up to a mic and croon a spontaneous duet with Mr. Guy–that may end up on the DVD extras…