Burn Notice 204 review

Starting this week, Rev will be giving us a summary of what happened on each week’s episode of Burn Notice. Now to anyone that is unfamiliar with the show: START WATCHING IT! USA Network on Thursday nights. Get with the program folks!

In this week’s Burn Notice Michael’s brother Nate returns with a problem for him to solve. A friend of Nate’s; a young Russian woman named Katya, has discovered her sister was kidnapped and is being held for ransom by the Russian Mafia. Meanwhile the file on Carla that Michael acquired in the previous week’s episode has revealed that she may be posing in Miami as an irrigation consultant and it’s up to Sam Axe to find out more.

Will Michael and the gang locate the girl and rescue her in time? Find out in another exciting episode featuring Russians, fights, guns, interrogations, disguises and expensive dinners.

Just another day in the world of “Burn Notice”.

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