Burn Notice 205 review

“In this weeks Burn Notice Michael Western has to juggle helping out a client who wants to get out from pulling a heist with a serious crew and tracking Carla to her headquarters before infiltrating them. He has to decide which is more important to him – helping others or helping himself and either choice could cost him.

‘Scatter Point’ is a solid little episode that is strong, especially considering it’s position as the fifth episode in the season (the middle parts of a season in most shows tend to lag a little) and it manages to be fast paced, engaging, exciting and funny. You get everything you expect from an episode of Burn Notice; guns, explosions, spy tech, witty dialog and Bruce Campbell just being the amazing scene stealing man that he is.

It provides just about the right balance between the two storylines and manages to interlace them very well, it’s refreshing that this season has been willing to deal with it’s metaplot and story of the week with equal doses – but this episode takes it one stage further by having them interact (indirectly) with each other. It’s not a perfect episode – there are some unusual choices in the editing cuts during one particular scene that are a little ‘off’ – but this lapse doesn’t hurt the episode too much.

Burn Notice continues to be a great show; one that fans of action, spies or Bruce Campbell should watch without fail.”

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