Burn Notice – 207 – Rough Seas.

“This weeks Burn Notice features the return of a client from the first season, an ex-Navy Seal called Virgil. It seems that a shipment of anti-viral medication destined for some children has been stolen while it was being shipped in and it’s up to Michael, Virgil, Fi and Sam to retrieve it. Virgil previously appeared in the episode “Unpaid Debts” and had a bit of a thing for Madeline, but he managed to put her in danger. So Virgil isn’t Michael’s favourite person.

Meanwhile Michael continues to investigate into the rifle that his makeshift x-ray revealedl ast week and he’s turned to an arms dealer named Seymour (played by Silas Weir Mitchell – most famously known as Haywire from Prison Break) for the information. But it seems that Seymour is more interested in using Michael’s skills to save his own hide.

This weeks episode is a lighter one than some of the previous ones (relatively speaking of course) and is more in like the first season in it’s style and tone. There is plenty for everyone to do – even Sharon Gless (Madeline) and the guest stars have plenty of screen time with some great lines – and it’s a fun episode that has some classic lines in it. Only the performance of the actress playing Marcela (the client) is a little ropey, everyone else is superb.

It’s classic Burn Notice delivered in the fun and frantic style that you’ll come to love and enjoy. Hopefully it’ll be enough to tide you over during the hiatus, which lasts until the end of the US Open.”

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