Burn Notice – 208 – Double Booked

“After a short hiatus Burn Notice returns to our screens with one of the best episodes so far. Michael is approached by a former acquaintance called Larry about performing a hit. There are three things you need to know about Larry. Firstly, he’s dead; secondly, Sam and Michael both dislike him and consider him very dangerous and third of all he’s played brilliantly by Tim Matheson (Animal House, The West Wing).

So Larry has a target, or Dead-ee as he likes to call them, and he’s decided that Michael would be the ideal man for the job. Michael on the other hand doesn’t like Larry and is also not enamoured with the idea of killing an innocent woman, especially a nurse who performs charity work. The problem is, if Michael fluffs the job in the wrong manner Larry will just kill everyone and wander off.

It’s a great little episode with fantastic performances from not just the core cast but also the guest stars. Tim is just brilliant as Larry, he provides a real cold and dangerous persona without going over the top. The screwdriver scene is particular excellent, but so is the final scene he’s in. Zachary Bryan (Home Improvement) is also very good in this episode as the lad who ordered the hit in the first place.

In other events we get to meet Fi’s new man, Campbell who is a paramedic. Which provides the ammunition for a fantastic scene that nearly breaks the fourth wall with it’s self aware humour. It also seems Fi isn’t really that bothered about hiding what she does with Michael from him and Sam’s more than happy to brandish guns in front of Campbell as well. I wonder how long the relationship will last?

Madeline is still pushing to bridge the gap between Michael and her, employing the use of another counsellor who suggests facilitating their relationship by both coming up with a list of five things good about the other. Michael’s list is predictably funny and upsets Madeline, which leads to a revelation that may bring them closer together.

Also this week we get to meet Bill Thompson, the sniper and discover a little more about what Carla and Victor’s bosses have planned. It turns out that every task Michael has performed for them is in support of Bill, a realisation that has Michael thinking he could find out what the job is…

Which sets us up for the half-season finale next week!”