Burn Notice – last two episodes

Last night we saw the last two episodes of the second season for Burn Notice.

We love this show and these episodes were every bit as good as everything else they’ve run.

Tim Matheson makes a guest appearance as an old college who should be dead, and he wants to hire Michael to do a hit. Of course Michael declines and his crew helps him trick the whack job killer.

The last episode Michael seems to have figured out the puzzle of what going on with all the little jobs he’s been given by his new controller. he’s also trying to foul up a kidnapping attempt. We end with a cliff hanger so I imagine Burn Notice will be back next summer.

This show rocks and though it feels like a updated Equalizer I’m fine with that. I loved Equalizer and it’s a great premise. The family involvement adds to the fun without taking away from the action and Sharon Gless hasn’t been this good in something in years.

Savor these last two episodes, because then we have to wait till next season……

And don’t forget to pick up Tod Goldberg’s novelization, it’s almost better than the show!