Burt Reynolds to appear on BURN NOTICE.

This has the potential to be fun:
EW’s Michael Ausiello is reporting Burt Reynolds will be guest star on the fourth season of BURN NOTICE.

His character is described as

legendary operative, now retired and cast out of the CIA, who serves as somewhat of a cautionary tale for Michael (Jeffrey Donovan).

“Things have not gone well for him since he left the spy service,” explains series creator Matt Nix of Reynolds’ character, Paul Anderson. “He’s now working as a bartender under an assumed name, and he gets into trouble with some very nasty Russian guys.

“He’s not precisely like Michael,” adds Nix. “He’s Michael should Michael succumb to some of the demons that haunt ex-spies.”

No word on when his episode(s) will appear. Season four of Burn Notice starts on June 3rd.