C.O.W.L. from Image Comics

Kyle-Higgins-C.O.W.L.-Image-Comics-art-6This coming Wednesday sees the debut of this new title from Image. I read an advance copy and quite enjoyed it. Jo also read it and his review is below. 

Image sent us ten copies to share with our readers, so if you are a person who is a little hesitant to spend money on a new title or you just really like free comics you can enter to win a copy from us. We’ll do the drawing on Friday the 30th.

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Image Comics

Chicago in 1962. Super heroes are real. The streets are safe. Peace in the big city is inevitable. All thanks to C.O.W.L. The Chicago Organized Worker’s League. But we know peace never lasts. And C.O.W.L. will be needed to keep the city safe. To the normal people, they’re the perfect group of well-organized heroes around. Behind the cape, there’s a few rips and runs in the costume that is C.O.W.L.

They are a highly effective organization just trying to make Chicago safe. You’d think stopping an assassination would be easy, but nothing is ever as simple as one hopes. Between the thwarting of evil-doers comes the political leg-work. C.O.W.L. is a union and contracts need to be negotiated. Geoffrey Warner runs the outfit outfit and is determined to keep things running smoothly. A 1940’s super hero himself he formed C.O.W.L. to keep his home the perfect city. As that goal gets closer it seems like something bigger than just one man trying to kill a Alderman has happened.

Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel have created a perfect segue comic. His instantly absorbing book is the type of book you hand to someone that “isn’t into comics,” or “doesn’t read super heroes.” It feels like a 60’s crime-story book. It’s easy to read this like it stepped right out of time as a gift to us, today. There are different elements at play and they all feel connected, you just don’t know how yet. Higgins and Siegel have the tone and feel down to an art. It’s easily accessible but not shy on packing the first issue with just the right of information. They know their readers aren’t stupid and they reward us for it. And these writers have chosen the absolute best artist for their story. Rod Reis’ style is very distinct and unique. Coming from the Bill Sienkiewicz school of stylized work, his work is just the right mood and look for this “Classic” style book.

These three are a team who knows how to bring out the best in each other. And “C.O.W.L.” is the best and will only get better. This is a perfect series to get into. It has a long life ahead of it.

Jo Schmidt