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This past Saturday we got up early and drove to Chicago for the first year of this new convention.

I have to say, I’ve been to a lot of convention of a lot of different kinds and this was a very pleasant experience. The location was great. High ceilings and windows combined with wide aisles made it feel open and clean and comfortable. It was nice not tripping over stormtroopers to get to artist alley.

There was as you’ve probably heard a nice turn out from publishers.
We made the rounds and visited with and shopped with some of our favorites.
DC Comics had loads of talent here. We met Bill Willingham first thing upon walking in. Mrs. Crimespree and I are huge fans and he was really great to talk to. Geoff Johns, James Robertson, Brian Azzarello, Paul Levitz and many more wonderful people hanging out all day.

Marvel had their game face on and was crowded all day. Top talent signing and cool Iron Man stuff.

Archaia Press had a wonderful area and it felt like being in a cool living room. Loads of great books too. The staff was happy and fun and it was a cool place to hang out.

Top Cow also had a great staff on hand and I loaded up on some books I’ve been wanting to read. These guys continue to impress me.

Dark Horse, publishers of the amazing Beasts of Burden were on hand and again, i spent more money. The Creepy omnibuses are awesome and eventually I will get them all. I love the one I picked up. I got the scoop on some thing coming up and I can’t wait for the Dark Horse books coming later this year.

BOOM! studios had some wonderful books on hand and some great writers and artists. They publish something fore everyone. I’m hoping for more Potter’s Field.

Avatar outdid themselves and had an amazing array of creators on hand. Awesome books and great folks.

The list goes on and on. I bought a lot of books. And if I had more energy I would have bought more.

The one thing I took away from this more than any other was the vibe of the place. Everyone seemed happy. Everyone was having fun. I know we did, and we’ll be back as long as they keep doing the show.