Cage, Brosnan and Swinton to star in The Ghost.

I had previously mentioned that Roman Polanski acquired the rights to Robert Harris’ novel The Ghost.

Now the principals have been cast.

After the first writer dies, a ghostwriter is hired to finish the memoirs of an ex-British prime minister. The ghostwriter’s research leads him to uncover skeletons in the pol’s closet that put the writer’s life in danger.

Peirce Brosnan has signed on to play the former Prime Minister. That sounds like fantastic casting, Brosnan has a certain air of authority about him .

Oscar winner (Wow, that seems like an entire career ago)Nicholas Cage will play the ghostwriter. This certainly is as step up from crap like National Treasure.

And finally, Oscar winner Tilda Swinton (Michael Clayton, Adaptation) will play Brosnan’s wife, who falls for Cage.

Author Harris and Polanski collaborated on the screenplay. The two previously worked together to adapt Harris’s novel Pompeii. But the massive period piece never really got off the ground.

They will start shooting in September.