Cain, Shaw snag Spotted Owl Award

A couple of Crimespree favs are sharing an award!

Chelsea Cain and Johnny Shaw  are the recipients of the Friends of Mystery Spotted Owl Award. ONE KICK, for Cain, and PLASTER CITY, for Shaw.   If you have not yet read these two books, let me take this moment to suggest you get off your lazy ass and do so, you won’t regret it…unless you dislike strong, smart writing with more than a little attitude.

The Spotted Owl award was established in 1995 and is given to the best mystery novel of the year by an author who lives in the Pacific Northwest (Alaska, British Columbia, Canada, Idaho, Oregon or Washington. Previous winners include Bill Cameron, Earl Emerson, G.M. Ford, Dana Haynes, Mike Lawson, Phil Margolin and Kris Nelscott.

The Runners up were:

#3 – Valerie Geary for Crooked River
#4 – John Straley for Cold Storage Alaska
#5 – Ingrid Thoft for Identity
#6 – Drew Chapman for The Ascendant
#7 – G.M. Ford for Chump Change
#8 – (tie) Robert Dugoni for My Sister’s Grave
Warren Easley for Dead Float
#9 – (tie) Mike Lawson for House Reckoning
Kris Nelscott for Street Justice 

The Friends of Mystery is a non-profit literary/educational organization headquartered in Portland, Oregon. For the past 34 years we have presented lectures, organized conferences, and sponsored reading groups. We also publish a regular newsletter. Our purpose is to promote the study, understanding and reading enjoyment of mystery literature.