Campbell Scott stands alone as guest for season three of DAMAGES.

With only days before filming starts on season three of Damages, things look very different from last season.

In the months leading up to the second season of DAMAGES, guest star names were flying left and right: William Hurt, Timothy Olyphant, Marcia Gay Harden, Mario Van Peebles…the names seemed to keep coming.

This season, there appears to be only one noteworthy addition to the series: Campbell Scott (DYING YOUNG, SINGLES). I have been impressed with him in a number of independant films and look forward to seeing what he does here.

Scott will be playing Joseph Tobin, a charming businessman accused of massive financial fraud.

Season two was more than a little frustrating. While there were good performances, there was way too many plotlines. In addition to working on leftovers from season one, they added plenty of new ones. The result was an overly complex and messy show.

I did enjoy it for the most part, but it could not hold a candle to season one.

I have my fingers crossed that the mojo returns for the third season. Filming starts this month, with the show broadcasting in January.