Captain America dead?

I doubt it.

Maybe for a while, but he’ll be back. Both the character and Steve Rogers, and most likely together. I mean come on, did anybody really think Superman was gone forever when DC did this? And that story line kind of worked. To me it feels like a trick, a ploy to get readers.

In truth, a lot of the Civil War thing didn’t work for me, but I got caught up and read a lot of it. It was kind of fun in a “this would never really happen” kind of way.

The Frontline issue when Cap is getting interviewed and is asked about MySpace and other weird things as a way to prove he’s not connected with the public? Stupid. Cap is supposed to be the best of the ideals of this country, not hip to all it’s fads and bullshit. Bad writing, lazy writing.

So Cap turned himself in after noticing the destruction he was helping to cause? Truthfully, I doubt he would have let it happen in the first place.

I guess I have some problems with the writers taking a few too many liberties. Cap is Dead?
I doubt it.

But I think I’ll keep reading for a while, so I guess part of their evil plan is working…