Captain Marvel with Kate (and Dan)

::Kate walks into the dark living room, finds Dan doing… whatever it is that Dan does in a dark room::

K: What are you wearing now, genius?

D: With this leather jacket? And these aviator sunglasses? You can call me… TOP GUN.

K: …

D: Get it? Like the Tom Cruise movie?

K: …

D: You know, with the volleyball scene?

K: Oooh, I like that movie! But, er… you’re not going to take your shirt off and frolic in the sand with other topless skinny, hairy guys are you? Because that’s really not how that scene went in the movie.

D: Listen, I gotta go. Up there. With the best of them. Now, where did I leave my plane?

K: It’s hanging from the ceiling in the office. Nice job with the model glue and everything. Although, I think you got the wings backwards…

D: ::tosses a paper airplane, watches it spiral into the floor::

K: Listen, Don Cruise, it’s time to learn about a REAL pilot. A lady who’s the absolute best there is.

D: ::whips off sunglasses, pokes his own eye:: A LADY?!

K: Not just a lady. CAPTAIN MARVEL. ::tosses CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 at Dan::

D: Careful! That’s not ours! It belongs to Joe!

K: ::looks to camera:: Sorry, Joe!

D: I thought you said that this book was about a lady pilot. Carol Danvers flies a lot when she’s Captain Marvel, but I don’t see any planes. I think you sold me a bill of goods this time, Red.

K: No! They covered this in the book. She was an air force pilot, but then “science” happened and her DNA was grafted with the genetic structure of the alien warrior Mar-vell. Boom! A superhero is born! Now she doesn’t need an airplane to fly into space!

D: Captain Marvel is not new to the Marvel Universe. The character has had a number of incarnations: Captain Mar-Vell, Monica Rambeau, and Noh-Varr. Now Carol Danvers is taking the mantel. She had gone by Ms. Marvel, but with a little nudging here from Captain America, she decides to assume the mantle of Captain Marvel and “quite being an adjunct.”

K: Ms. Danvers is more than just her new superhero uniform and name. We meet her hero, the astronaut Helen Cobb. You see that this woman had a huge impact and influence on Carol. I’m sure this is something that writer Kelly Sue DeConnick explores in later issues. ::pages through graphic novel::

D: Hey! Hey! Hey! Let’s stay focused on issue number 1.

K: Sorry. I’m kinda excited about this Captain Marvel. She’s a kick-ass female superhero that is accomplished in her non-super hero life. She gets to hang out in Avengers Tower, but she makes time for non-cosmic friends that need her help. Finally, she’s built like a regular woman and wears a fantastic uniform that actually COVERS HER BODY.

D: DeConnick has written a no-nonsense, real superhero that appeals to all readers. She’s driven and does things her way. Who wouldn’t want to read that?

K: Dexter Soy’s art adds depth to the book. His painted style makes the characters look very lifelike and their facial expressions jump off the page. It’s a bold look that stands out from other books on the shelf.

D: You know Marvel is making a Captain Marvel movie, right?

K: ::Grabs Dan’s bomber jacket:: Let’s go!

D: It doesn’t come out until 2018. That’s a long time to sit outside of a movie theater.

K: I can handle it. I’m dangerous. ::snaps teeth together like Iceman::