Carnahan, Scotts on board for A-Team (and why this is a good thing).

Fox has put the film version of The A-Team back on track.

Joe Carnahan has signed on to direct the action flick. Carnahan garnered considerable praise for his 2002 crime drama Narc and recently delivered the star-studded hyper violent mayhem-filled pulpy Smokin’ Aces.

John Singleton had originally been attached to the project, but recently left. The departure of Singleton had many giving up on it, fearing it was destined to be a B grade cartoony film.

The attachment of Carnahan can only be seen as a positive. With Smokin’ Aces, he showed he can deliver some crazy, over-the-top action, but Narc also showed a far more serious side. Regardless of the type of film he is working on, he takes it very serious and works his ass of. I can’t see him letting this become another Dukes of Hazard or SWAT, and that has been the goal: Making a fun A-Team while avoiding the camp.

Carnahan has been floating in limbo for a while. He was going to write and direct a film version of James Elroy’s White Jazz, with George Clooney and Chris Pine starring. The project suffered various delays and both actors dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. Carnahan most recently was working on bringing Killing Pablo to the big screen. Pablo recently ran into finance problems when the backer filed for bankruptcy.

Prior to Singleton leaving, a number of names had been tossed around. Woody Harrelson was reportedly Singleton’s choice for Howlin’ Mad Murdoch and rumors of Tyrese Gibson, Rapper/actor Ice Cube and even former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Quintin Rampage Jackson playing B.A. Baracas. Personally, I just don’t see Tyrese in the role that Mr. T made famous. Cube seems right to me.

Carnahan has shown an ability to draw strong talent. Smokin’ Aces had Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds, Andy Garcia, Common, Jeremy Piven, Ray Liotto and even Wayne Newton in the cast. Many in relatively small roles. I certainly have faith that he will put folks in the roles that make sense.

Carnahan and Brian Bloom will touch up the screenplay done by Skip Wood. Who the hell has the name Skip these days?

They will keep the updated concept that Singleton had, making the four Middle East vets instead of Vietnam. They will still have been wrongly convicted of robbery and be on the run from the military.

More good news for the project is that Ridley Scott is on board as producer, with his brother Tony executive producing.

The plan is to get the cameras rolling in August, and release it in June of 2010