Cast announced for HBO pilot of ALL SIGNS OF DEATH.

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, the cast of ALL SIGNS OF DEATH has been leaked to various sites, including THR, Deadline and Ausiello. ASOD is the HBO pilot based on Charlie Huston’s THE MYSTIC ARTS OF ERASING All SIGNS OF DEATH.

Here are some of the key folk:
Ben Whishaw is Webster Filmore Goodhue, a twentysomething slacker that ends up working as a crime scene cleaner. Ben appeared in I’M NOT THERE as well as PERFUME and the BBC series CRIMINAL JUSTICE.

Clayne Crawford is Chev, owner of a scuzzy tattoo parlor and good pal of Webster. So good a pal that he helps out Webster when he is in between jobs. Clayne played a McBaddie on the eighth season of 24 and is playing the imprisoned husband of Callie (Kiele Sanchez)on THE GLADES.

Mercedes Masohn plays Soledad, a lovely lady whose pop blew his brains out. Webster is drawn to Soledad and that causes complications. Masohn has appeared on THREE RIVERS as well as NCIS and CASTLE.

Jeremy Ray Valdez is Jamie, Soledad’s half-brother. Jamie sees himself as a playa in Hollywood but has the brains of a gnat. Jeremy has appeared on oodles of shows including THE SHIELD, NCIS, THE CLOSER and THAT’S SO RAVEN (Hey, I had to stick a stinker in there!)

Ron Yuan is Po Sin, the owner/operator of Clean Team. Po Sin knew Webster when he as a teacher and convinces him to join Clean Team. Ron played Feng Haun on PRISON BREAK and was David Park on FAST AND FURIOUS.